Hey there!  Good morning!  I’ve spent the past couple days setting up my brand new Day Designer planner from Blue Sky, and I have a quick and easy #hack to share with you!

planner hack by elendae

One of my favorite things about 6 hole binders is how easy they are to customize using inserts.  Using this quick and easy hack, you can just as easily add custom elements to your spiral bound or o-ring bound planners!

What you need: hack 1

  • planner of your choice.  (I am using a 8×10 Daily Planner from Day Designer)
  • a zippered pouch (I am using a 10×7.75 pencil pouch from Target, available in the back to school section for 99 cents!)
  • flexible plastic sheet (I am using a plastic divider page from Cropper Hopper)
  • sturdy hole punch (I used a Crop-O-Dile from We R Memory Keepers) and scissors
  • paper trimmer
  • double sided tape
  • washi tape for decorating.

Here’s how you do it!

  1. Carefully remove a sheet from your planner to use as a guide.  I just snipped from the edge of the page to the center of each hole to remove the sheet from the book without damaging it.
  2. Cut a 1.5 x 10 inch strip of the plastic sheet. hack 2 elendae
  3. Using the sheet you removed from the planner as a guide, punch holes along the length of the sheet. Cut small notches from the edge of the plastic sheet into the punched circles.
  4. Use your paper trimmer to trim down the pencil pouch about a half an inch.  Use care not to cut through the seal!
  5. hack 3Use double-sided tape to attach the punched ring strip to the edge of the pencil pouch.
  6. Decorate with washi.
  7. Insert into your planner and fill with stamps, stickers, or whatever you like!

You could use the same method to add in a page marker, a folder, a dashboard, or other useful items.




hack complete elendae


Hope you find my hack helpful!  I’d love to hear from you in the comments.  :)

Have a great day!

{hey there – welcome to bliss!}

mic article

Many of you are arriving via Theresa Avila’s article on mic.com about the planner community, and I am psyched to have so many visitors today!  I’ve been on a bit of a summer hiatus from blogging since the kids got out of school, but will be back into it on Monday mornings throughout the rest of the summer, and I hope you’ll stop in and check out what we’ve been up to at Chez Auclair!

LAuclair planner pages

If you are new to planning and the planning community and want to find out more – be sure to check out the links in Theresa’s article.  The #ListersGottaList community on Facebook is very welcoming and we’d love to have you list along with us!  If you are interested in finding out more about my Etsy store and the planner charms I make, please click here.

Thanks for stopping by!

{may 26}

Good morning!  I’m a day late with my weekly wrap up because of the holiday.  We had a low-key day.  We spent the morning moving furniture out of the way for the painter today, and had a nice cook out at dinnertime.

This week is going to (hopefully!) see the end of the renovation projects and painting and I should be able to start to put the house back together again – until the electrician starts changing out the lights and installing a new floodlight for the driveway.  I am looking forward to moving the furniture around a bit in the livingroom and trying a new configuration out.  It has been set up basically the same since we moved in, so I am ready for a change!

In addition, the kids have all sorts of stuff going on.  Brigid has a banquet tonight, an awards ceremony tomorrow, and Aileen’s spring concert is Thursday night.  Busy days winding down the school year!

Here’s my week in lists…

LGL May 19

LGL May 20

LGL May 21

LGL May 22

LGL May 23

LGL May 24

LGL May 25

LGL May 26Hope you all have a wonderful week!


{may 18}

Good morning!  I’m back with another Monday wrap up after a very busy week and weekend!  Last week was full of rehearsals for the kids, and hubby was in Boston for half the week for a big conference for his company.  Construction work started on our spring home renovation projects, so Chez Auclair was buzzing all week long!

insta wonkaBrigid’s first full production play happened this week.  She had two shows: one on Friday night and one on Saturday night, and we thoroughly enjoyed both performances!  They had to gender-swap several of the characters to accommodate the members of the Drama Club, so “Mike Teevee” became “McKayla Teevee”.  The voice that she used for the character was so funny!  I love to watch her do her thing.

I kept on top of the #ListersGottaList challenge all week, and again enjoyed the thought-provoking prompts.

LGL May 12LGL May 13 LGL May 14

LGL May 15


LGL May 16

LGL May 17

LGL May 18


The guys are back at work this morning.  I wonder how many new windows I will have by the end of the day today?  :)  I am so thrilled at what a change the new windows are making – they are so much better letting light and air into the house than the old fashioned windows we have had up until now!

Have a great week, everyone!

{may 11}

pusheen mother's day

Good morning!  Summer arrived over the weekend, and it is going to be a warm week. We had a pretty warm Mother’s Day yesterday, and I’m feeling a bit spoiled from our festivities.  First, I woke up to a Starbucks surprise…mother's dayAnd in the afternoon, my Mom and Dad arrived and “kidnapped” me away to Lowe’s where I picked out a lovely garden swing.  I have wanted one for ever so long, and will be happily enjoying my morning coffee out there in the morning, and Aileen is looking forward to using it for a reading spot this summer when it isn’t too hot!  garden swingOur nice day ended with a delicious meal from The Pines (our favorite seafood place!) and Mom and I indulged in a special treat: lobster!

We’ve had a bit of a reprieve from the heat this morning with some clouds and showers, making it a great day for planting, so I quickly darted out this morning and got my new herbs in the ground.  I am starting a new herb garden, and hope to fill it with all sorts of yummy herbs this summer.

I worked on #ListersGottaList pages all week, and loved the prompts that we were given!  Here are my pages from where I left off last Monday…

LGL May 5I used the Echo Park Paper mini theme collection, The Music of Life, for my page about my favorite bands fro High School.

LGL May 6I used Adrienne Looman’s awesome Hall Pass floral from Webster’s Pages for both this page about the items I carry with me, and this “Currently” page.  LGL May 7

This page was so much fun!  I have a HUGE hoard of stickers that I have held on to for a very long time.  The centerpiece of this page is the EK Success Winnie the Pooh sticker that I have hung on to waiting for the “perfect” page for it for at least a decade!  Now I can enjoy it in my album, and have let go of the guilt of hoarding it for so long!LGL May 8

This page (with soooo much journaling about cereal – who knew that I could wax nostalgic about something so basic?) uses a vintage Doodlebug “Girl” collection and some Doodlebug stickers as well.

LGL May 9

This page is one of my favorites that I have done so far in this month’s challenge, and I used a variety of new and vintage alphabet stickers for my list of strengths.

LGL May 10

This page uses Simple Stories Under the Stars collection (for the most part) for my list about things that I love about being from New Hampshire!LGL May 11

I love using the ring binder for this month’s challenge, and will continue to do so because it is a great size, and my lumpy pages aren’t ruining the book!

aqua birdhouse charm

I filled my Etsy shop with new #PlannerPretties last week, and invite you to click on over and see!

We’ve got a busy week of rehearsals and performances on the agenda for the week.  Hope you all have a great week!

{May the 4th}

may the 4th

Good morning!  Happy Star Wars Day to you!  The kids are back at school today after a wonderful week off together.  Now the race to the finish begins – only 6 weeks left of the school year, with all sorts of performances: plays, concerts, and recitals happening between now and the end of June!

insta birthday cake

This beautiful girl turned 13 this week, and we celebrated her birthday with family and her best friend on Saturday.  Jon came up for the afternoon, and it was a great day!  Her cake and ice cream combo was complete chocolate overload!  Dark Chocolate Fudge cake, with dark chocolate ice cream with mini chocolate chips mixed in from Coldstone!

insta raskogWhile our cake and ice cream was settling, Dad and I got busy spray-painting the Raskog cart my friend Lynda picked up for me when she was at IKEA last week.  It started out a cream/beige color, and took to the gold spray paint nicely.  It is currently housing my planner goodies and my packing materials for my Etsy shop.  I can roll it into the livingroom if my back is demanding a more comfortable seat than my desk chair, and I can work on my projects wherever I am!  When I start working on my quilt this summer, it will most likely be re-packed with my fabric and sewing supplies.

listers header 2

Because of the party, I didn’t get to play along with the challenges for the annual National Scrapbook Day this year, but I have been working along with the brand new challenges for the May #ListersGottaList challenge.  Here is my album and the my first few pages for the month.  I’m doing my pages in a Heidi Swapp binder this month after being defeated by the binding failure failure that characterized my little journal in April.

LGL May divider

I’m using a bunch of the brand new Shimelle collection from American Crafts.  It is called True Stories and it is a new favorite!  Just look at how cute those coffee cups are!  I pulled out some of my precious stash of KI Memories bubble letter stickers too.  I only have a few left, so I save them for very special projects now.

LGL May intro

LGL list page

LGL May 1

The next two pages face each other in my album, so I thought it would be pretty if I used the same collection for both.  I may not do that all month long, but I do like the two pages together.  The collection is the Sisters mini theme collection from Echo Park Paper.

LGL May 2LGL May 3

This “do-over” page was really hard to write.  I wanted to be authentic and honest, but I also didn’t want to over-share.  I think my list walks a fine line between the two poles, without going into too much detail.  I have a lot of moments in my life that I wish I could do-over, professionally and personally.  Big thanks to Cori was keeping our list-making real with thought-provoking prompts like this one!

LGL May 4I followed up my “heavy” page with one that is just bright and fun and bursting with spring colors.  All the stickers and the floral paper are from Doodlebug.  The pink woodgrain is a “B” side from Queen and Co. and the gingham (which is becoming my trademark!) is from Pebbles.

It is going to be a a sunny and warm week here in NH – we’ve basically blown through spring straight on to summer again this year.  The black flies are out (ugh!) and it was nearly 80 degrees here on Sunday.  It was cold enough for the heat to kick on just a couple days ago.  Welcome to New England!

Have a great week!


{April 30}

Good morning!  I can’t believe another week has flown by.  April is ending, and we’re all astonished to realize that there are only about 6 weeks of the school year left!  Vacation week has been so much fun so far, and I’ve got all kinds of pictures to share with you.

First off, these cuties got new glasses on Monday…

new glassesMama got a new pair of prescription sunglasses…

mama's new glasses

In the past week, I have re-opened my Etsy shop and stocked it with pretty planner accessories.  Click on over to Planner Pretties and check out what is new!


I’ve finished off my #ListersGottaList album and am so proud of myself for completing all 30 days!  I am loving the creative kick of having a new challenge page to work on every day, and I love that I can play with my precious pretty paper without violating the kids’ privacy the way scrapbook pages would!  ;)

LGL April 24

LGL April 25

LGL April 26

LGL April 27

LGL April 28

LGL April 29

LGL April 30

And at the end of the month, my little journal looks like this….  Next month, I am using a looseleaf binder to better accommodate my pages!

LGL final

Hope you’re having a great week!